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How PEMF Therapy is Instrumental in Nerve Regeneration

How PEMF Therapy is Instrumental in Nerve Regeneration

Did you know that PEMF therapy is instrumental in nerve regeneration?

There are thousands of research studies and double blind studies within the scope of PEMF therapy, but focusing on nerve pain and nerve regeneration isn’t always so simple.

The nervous system is loaded with thousands of nerves, and those nerves can become damaged.

Nerves can become damaged through a surgical procedure or by some other accident.

There are now medical procedures in pain management clinics in which heat lesions are created in order to stop pain signals for a patient suffering from sciatic nerve pain.

This is another great reason to learn more about how PEMF therapy can assist in regenerating nerves, and helping those nerves to grow back in a healthier and more stable fashion.

While there are several different types of nerve damage, the purpose of this article is to discuss how PEMF’s may assist in the process of regenerating nerves once they have been destroyed.

You will learn more about how the technique of “burning nerves” is becoming more popular in pain medicine, and why opting for PEMF therapy could be a better choice.

This article does not take the position that PEMF therapy is a cure, nor does it promote that you should use PEMF therapy in the place of any current treatment plan you and your doctor have agreed upon.

Why PEMF Has a Place at the Table for Nerve Regeneration

There is no doubt that nerve pain is a big problem for diabetics and others who suffer from chronic conditions that lead to nerve damage or compression.

This can lead to nerve pain or even loss of sensation.

More than 20 million Americans suffer from some type of nerve damage, but the outcome is not always promising.

Outside of these areas of nerve damage, there is also concern now for medical procedures in which nerve endings are “burnt” to aid in reducing pain.

This can cause many patients to feel uneasy.

Is this how interventional pain management is working out for the doctor, patient, and the patient’s family or caregivers?

Shouldn’t there be a sense of relief and peace of mind?

Once the day of the procedure comes, the patient is handed numerous documents to sign, all stating that it could result in permanent nerve damage, and that it is no fault of the doctor.

While this in fact the patient’s right to sign this document and carry on with this procedure, it raises the question-“Is there a better way to eliminate the nerve pain rather than get this procedure?”

Rather than look for a way to destroy the nerves and cause further damage or health problems, why not reach for PEMF therapy instead?

Here are some of the most common names for this procedure:

  • Nerve rhizotomy
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Facet rhizotomy
  • Facet joint nerve ablation
  • Medial branch neurotomy
  • lateral branch neurotomy

Once the nerves have been burned with the heat lesion created at the site, the pain should go away almost immediately.

However, the nerve may or may not grow back.

The medical community and the scientific community tell us that these nerves should regenerate, but there is no real guarantee that they will properly grow back to the way they were.

The nerves actually take a total time period of 7 to 14 days to die off, and patients may have some soreness related to the injection site.

However, nerve regeneration generally takes place within 9 to 14 months.

It’s easy to say that you would not do the procedure as an outsider, but if you were the individual suffering from severe back pain, you may do anything to eliminate that pain.

Once those nerves regenerate, the pain may return.

Patients who desire to take a more natural approach may wish to try chiropractic care, acupunture, as well as massage, and most of all, focus on eating a healthier diet.

A diet that is rich in quercetin may aid in relieving nerve pain when consumed on a consistent basis.

Think about all of the nerves around your spine, your facet joints, sacroiliac joints, and everything in between.

Does burning those nerves sound like a good idea?

Using PEMF Therapy Post-Procedure for Nerve Ablations

Nerve ablations are becoming more popular to ward off severe nerve pain for those who suffer from consistent sciatic nerve pain, as well as those who may have nerve impingement.

The doctors that generally opt for these types of procedures are not likely to prescribe opioids but rather medications like NSAIDS and muscle relaxers to help patients work through the toughest flare-ups.

What if you were able to use a complementary therapy like PEMF therapy to use in conjunction with these medications, or even physical therapy?

PEMF therapy stimulates your nerves, and through that stimulation comes the repair of damaged nerves.

Nerves seem to respond to frequencies that are middle of the road, yet longer therapy sessions are needed.

In some cases, a higher frequency has worked well, and for long sessions of an hour or longer.

This is the case in a study in which PEMF therapy was used for 21 days consecutively with stroke patients.

This study essentially gives you insight into the awakening of nerves that this therapy provides, and how it triggers electromagnetic activity within the brain.

What the study ultimately showed is that the therapy cause the neurons and cells in the nerves to come to life, causing the processes where cell death had occurred to function better.

While they may never be completely repaired, in many cases, paralysis in the patient’s hand, even after a full year or two the patients had improved movement as well as some improvement in their speech.

The ability for them to make the speech connection faster means that the neurons were firing properly.

The same is true of nerves anywhere in the body when the PEMF’s are applied.

These studies also indicate that when the PEMF’s are applied on a consistent basis they are far more effective.

Have you or a loved one experienced these risky procedures?

If you would like to learn more about how the research behind PEMF therapy has aided in the nerve regeneration of individuals that have suffered nerve injuries, please visit today to learn more.

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      Hi Judi,

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      Have you tried the OMI mat?

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