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How PEMF Therapy Reduces Symptoms of Cushing’s Syndrome

How PEMF Therapy Reduces Symptoms of Cushing’s Syndrome

Although it is rare to hear someone say that they have symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome, it is a very real condition.

Many of the symptoms may be experienced by individuals with other syndromes or conditions.

Previous articles have discussed endocrine glands and hormones, all of which play a role in Cushing’s syndrome.

If you or someone you love exhibits symptoms of this syndrome, or they experience any of these symptoms, please read this article in its entirety.

This syndrome is rare, with only 10 to 15 per million being affected each year.

This article will share with you the symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome, what causes it, and how PEMF therapy can play a vital role in healing this syndrome.

Identifying Key Symptoms of Cushing’s Syndrome

There are many different signs that someone may in fact have Cushing’s syndrome, but what you may not know is that there are some key identifiers.

What are the key symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome?

  1. Fatty deposits that can be found around the mid-section and around the face. A fatty bump or what is known as “buffalo hump”, may be located in between the shoulders.
  2. Pink or purple stretch marks. These are not always limited to the belly, as is the case with women post pregnancy. In the case of Cushing’s Syndrome, you are looking for stretch marks on the thighs, breasts and arms as well.
  3. Thinning or fragile skin. This is important because those who have Cushing’s syndrome tend to bruise easily.
  4. Thick and more visible facial and body hair. This is also known as hirsutism.

There are many more symptoms that can make this list, however, they are not all specific to Cushing’s syndrome.

Symptoms like fatigue, muscle weakness, decreased libido, and headaches can indicate other types of conditions.

The question is, how can PEMF therapy reduce the symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome?

The one key cause for Cushing’s syndrome is the severely increased amount of cortisol the body is producing.

Cortisol is important to the body because it tells the body when stress is evident.

The  problem is when cortisol is made in excess and it stays this way for long periods of time.

The longer cortisol is increased without any respite to the body, the more difficult it becomes to treat.

Cortisol (also known as hydrocortisone) is known as a “steroid hormone”.

This is because it does regulate a wide variety of processes within the body. These processes include metabolism along with immune response.

These two processes are among two of the most important processes in the body. The interesting thing is that nearly every cell in the body includes a receptor for cortisol.

PEMF therapy stimulates cells, and it can begin to correct imbalances in the cells alone.

When cells are damaged or sick they have been invaded by something foreign.

Once the cells are damaged, all manor of diseases and conditions can overtake the body.

When cortisol is created in excess, it is as if the body is in overdrive.

In fact, some of the symptoms are similar to what an individual may experience when they are in the early stages of hyperthyroidism.

Nonetheless, PEMF therapy is most beneficial when used in early onset of Cushing’s syndrome.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to find their diagnosis early on.

Using a PEMF device for adrenal function as directed can bring about positive results and begin to correct the imbalance in the cells, and begin to bring about changes in symptoms.

Over time one may begin to notice that the weight gain around their mid-section will decrease as the level of cortisol is reduced.

Over time it may reduce back to a normal range if PEMF therapy is used consistently.

However, this therapy is not a cure and everyone will respond differently.

Will any PEMF device aid in reducing the symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome?

Daily PEMF Therapy May Reduce Symptoms of Cushing’s Syndrome

Now that you know more about how PEMF therapy can help to reduce these symptoms, it is vital that you find a PEMF device from a reputable company.

Using this therapy daily will give you the greatest benefit, and it will enable you to use it in the comfort of your own home.

There are a wide variety of PEMF devices out there, but it’s all about conducting research online for yourself.

Make notes about your health needs, and begin to research devices that are known to help reduce these symptoms.

Also, keep in mind, that the PEMF device you choose should meld well with your lifestyle.

If you travel often, consider the portability of your device.

Most important, as you do your own research be sure to compare devices as well.

Once you find the PEMF device that is right for you, use it consistently for best results. Seek out others you can share your information with.

Track your results and improvements, and you’ll be sure to encourage others.

We hope that you see overall improved health, and that you get a quick resolve for the “symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome”.

symptoms of Cushing's syndrome

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