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How PEMFs Unlock the Secret to the Function of the Cell Membrane

How PEMFs Unlock the Secret to the Function of the Cell Membrane

You have probably heard that PEMF therapy is good for overall health, but this is because it stimulates the function of the cell membrane.

All good health, healing of illness and disease all leads back to the cells and their condition.

What is the secret to good cellular health and ongoing repair and regeneration?

Studies show that PEMFs truly unlock the secret to the function of the cell membrane.

This article will tell you why, and what can happen as a result.

You will also learn why this therapy is so effective for so many conditions and diseases.

Why Function of the Cell Membrane is the Key to Your Healing

With any natural treatment there will be naysayers.

PEMF therapy has its share of naysayers, most of which have never tried a PEMF device. At the root of discussion, it’s easy to see why someone would not believe how powerful this therapy really is.

This is because those who do not understand have never learned why it works, and how healing actually begins.

Healing always goes back to the cells.

How healthy are your cells?

This should be an easy answer.

If you suffer from any disease or chronic condition, you can believe that your cells are injured.

The good news is that PEMF therapy can aid in the repair of your cells and their function.

How do we know this? PEMF therapy has been shown to improve function of the cell membrane.

The function of your cell membrane is to regulate the environment around the cell.

This happens to ensure that the biological processes inside your cells are regulated too.

Your cells have very important daily functions including:

  1. Absorbing nutrients, hydration, and proper elements inside them.
  2. Eliminating waste.

When your cells are sick or injured they are unable to perform their duties. The worst part is that without waste elimination the cells become toxic.

Your cells actively select what goes in and what should leave. This is miraculous in itself. This ability to select is known as “permeability”.

How is it controlled?

This is all controlled via membrane potential. This potential is what gives the cell a unique voltage outside the cell versus what is inside the cell.

All normal cells function at a rate of 70 to 100 millivolts. Cells that are injured or damaged can only operate at a voltage of 30 to 50 millivolts.

When PEMF therapy is applied it normalizes the cell membranes, thus correcting the membrane potential. What does the repair of membrane potential do for the human body?

This list is not exhaustive, but the top reasons for using PEMF therapy are listed here.

  1. Reducing pain. This is because the effects of PEMFs can improve micro-circulation.
  2. Reducing swelling or edema. PEMFs can improve diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide, along with cellular repair (This is evident as mentioned above).
  3. Reducing inflammation. PEMFs can correct the alkalinity of the body.
  4. Muscle spasms/spasmodic reactions. PEMFs are able to boost endorphins along with serotonin. This aids in reducing muscle spasms. This can be a common problem for those who suffer from depression, dehydration, and many other health problems.

There are many more conditions that are evidence of the ability of PEMFs to improve function of the cell membrane. What would it take for you to try it and find out of yourself?

Unlock the Secret to the Function of the Cell Membrane with a PEMF Device

There are numerous naturopathic physicians that offer PEMF therapy in their practice. However, the cost per visit can be anywhere from $60 to $100 or more per visit.

This may not be true of all health professionals, but most individuals who seek out the benefits of PEMF therapy, especially those with chronic pain, would benefit more from daily use of a PEMF device.

There are numerous PEMF devices on the market today. No two individuals are alike, and everyone has their own unique health history.

Research and compare before you purchase a device. Always talk to your doctor prior to trying PEMF therapy.

Once you have found a PEMF device that is right for you, you can use it in the comfort of your own home.

Remember, good health begins in the cells.

PEMFs are able to heal the human body, and it’s all because PEMFs have been shown to improve the “function of the cell membrane”.

function of the cell membrane

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