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Cancer Pain and PEMF Therapy

Cancer Pain and PEMF Therapy

Cancer pain is a unique pain, primarily because it causes physical pain along with emotional pain too.

Numerous types of cancer exist, each with its own combination of symptoms, cycles of treatment, and ultimately chronic pain.

Cancer in any form is painful to live with, but some cancers are regarded as being more painful than others.

Decades of research have gone into treating cancer with chemotherapy, radiation, oral medications, and determining whether a prognosis is good or bad.

Oftentimes, the most painful issue for the patient is feeling as though there is no resolution at all.

However, the physical pain of cancer can be very real. Tumors, depending on where they are growing can put pressure on nerves or bones causing pain ranging from moderate to severe.

Treatment begins with narcotic pain relievers, but what if there were a way to reduce the size of the tumor as well as the additional inflammation in the body?

PEMF therapy is now readily available in the United States and is now more affordable than ever, making it easy for anyone with any budget to gain access to healing without the side effects that medications can cause.

This article is going to share the most painful types of cancer, and how PEMF therapy can aid in reducing pain, and bring welcome healing to the cancer patient in different ways.

NOTE: We do NOT promote that PEMF therapy is a cure for cancer. Those who choose to use PEMF therapy should consider this to be a complementary therapy. Talk with your doctor prior to using PEMF therapy. 

The Worst Types of Cancer Pain

Browsing the internet will give you a good look at thousands of stories about individuals that have tried natural therapies for cancer.

Many of these individuals claim to have won their battle with cancer, while scores of others report that they feel, “better”.

It is too difficult to say that all types of cancer would respond the same way to PEMF therapy.

Each individual has a unique set of challenges and one type of cancer will vary from another.

There are some types of cancer that doctors have identified as more aggressive than others, and therefore it is beneficial for patients to understand the earlier they make the discovery the better.

Early detection can potentially mean:

  1. Better prognosis.
  2. Better outcome with natural therapies.
  3. Better outcome with counseling for family members, friends, and others involved in the care of the cancer patient.

There are so many benefits to early detection, but more importantly, those who choose to use PEMF therapy may discover that the earlier they start the better the results will be.

The most painful types of cancer have been identified as the following:

  1. Pancreatic.
  2. Bone.
  3. Brain.
  4. Lymphoma.
  5. Lung.
  6. Head and neck.

As stated in the introduction of this article, cancers can be painful due to the size of tumors and how they press on bones, nerves, and other organs.

Is it possible that when cancerous tumors or masses exist that cause pain, that their size can be reduced by PEMF therapy?

Research in the medical community has proven that where oxygen is freely available and flowing cancer cannot survive.

PEMF therapy has also been shown to improve circulation for diabetics, as well as for those who suffer from problems with circulation due to problems with blood vessels.

Whether the problems exist for heart patients or otherwise, once circulation improves the condition also begins to improve.

We know that oxygen is so effective because cancer patients that have been prescribed time in hyperbaric chambers have shown promising improvements.

Nearly a decade ago, research was conducted by a medical doctor on Navy Seals, attempting to find ways to prevent seizures in those diving.

Hyperbaric treatment although effective for this type of issue is lending credence to the fact that oxygenation of cells means cancer cells will die where sufficient oxygen is present.

Through scientific research, we know that cancer cells will continue to grow when they are fed by glucose.

That is an interesting fact for most, but it’s astonishing that glucose has that much power. Yet, millions of Americans continue to add it to their daily diet without a thought.

PEMF therapy can work down to the cellular level, and when used consistently the chances are great that cancer cells will become starved of what causes them to grow and progress in size, thus destroying their chances of invading the body.

Oxygenation occurs at the cellular level and then continues onto the tissues, blood vessels, and surrounding nerves.

Halting cancer growth means that cancer pain can be greatly minimized if not eliminated. How does it happen?

Reducing Cancer Pain with PEMF Therapy

Europe embraced PEMF therapy long ago, using it without fail in scientific studies for the purpose of promoting healing, but in the United States it has taken some time for this therapy to become more accepted.

The FDA approved the use of PEMF therapy for the treatment of bone fractures in 2004, and it was approved for the treatment of brain cancer in 2011, yet so few physicians are using this even in a trial setting.

Europe has used this in more than 400,000 sessions with cancer patients, and for more than 20 years with success.

This is great news for those who suffer from cancer because this non-invasive therapy means that healthy cells won’t be impacted while the cancer cells are being starved.

The easier way to say this is that using PEMF therapy with low-frequency pulses will result in the intense therapy that surrounds these damaged cells (for lack of better words). Healthy cells are not impacted negatively but remain strong.

DNA known as mitochondria in the cells can latch onto this energy, and they begin to absorb it.

If you have ever seen a movie when someone is given food after days of being left to starve, the energy sustained around the cells is absorbed with this type of ferocity, meaning it happens quickly.

Cells begin to produce ATP again, and ultimately they begin to generate metabolism which increases blood flow. ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, is essential for cell health, and it’s a journey to reducing cancer pain, but it’s a worthwhile journey to document and learn from.

One of the most interesting discoveries for researchers is what they can see under the microscope.

When looking at the blood cells from a cancer patient under a dark field microscope, the blood cells will be clustered together which prevents proper oxygenation.

Once PEMF therapy has been given to a patient, it’s easy to do bloodwork and review it under a microscope to see that the blood is flowing freely and the cells are able to breathe and function as they should.

Healthy cells mean that cancer cannot survive, causing the health of tissues to be restored along with that of cells, nerves, and blood vessels.

Do you or someone you love have cancer? Talk to your doctor about whether or not PEMF therapy is right for you. You can learn more about getting PEMF therapy to help with your “cancer pain” when you visit

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