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How PEMF Therapy May Reduce Symptoms of Joint Disorders

How PEMF Therapy May Reduce Symptoms of Joint Disorders

Most individuals that research PEMF therapy online are researching how PEMF therapy may reduce symptoms of joint disorders.

Arthritis is the most common condition that Americans seek relief from.

More than 46 million Americans suffer from various types of arthritis and other conditions that directly impact their joints.

These conditions range from general arthritis due to aging and wear and tear to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and even gout.

While inflammation can often target the joints, it’s important to remember that a healthy diet is a great place to start.

Additionally, PEMF therapy is a wonderful complimentary therapy for any holistic therapy.

This article is going to share some more in-depth information that was discovered in how PEMF therapy helps individuals reduce inflammation at the source.

Additionally, you’ll learn more about how deeply PEMF therapy may impact your joints at the cellular level and stimulate the healing process.

How PEMFs Get to the Root of Symptoms of Joint Disorders

Did you know that PEMFs have been shown to directly impact inflammation at the source?

There are numerous natural approaches to treating inflammation.

This revolutionary therapy that was expensive at one time is now more accessible than ever.

There are numerous outside influences that we battle to heal inflammation.

However, PEMF therapy has been shown to aid in healing inflammation and reducing painful symptoms.

One example of an outside influence for inflammation, is ingredients found in our food supply including:

  1. Sugar. This is one of the most common. This is why eating healthy is mentioned above. PEMF therapy is a strong complimentary therapy, but it is vital that you do your part in using it daily as well as avoiding foods or ingredients that may trigger your inflammation response.  
  2. Trans fats. This list seems to be voluminous, but trans fats are dangerous for the body in ALL aspects. Sources like fast foods, as well as processed foods like pastries, processed cheese, and other processed foods can have a negative impact on your inflammation. Harvard conducted a study in the 90’s that proved systemic inflammation is triggered by these trans fats. Be mindful of your diet as you use your PEMF device.
  3. Omega 6 fatty acids. This is the opposite of the good fats, like the omega 3 fatty acids. The fatty acids found in omega 6’s promote inflammation. Starchy foods like corn, salad dressings, and other foods contain a heavy amount of these fatty acids.

The food supply does have a strong impact on your health, so it’s important that you are consistently giving your body healthy foods in addition to using your PEMF therapy.

This article mentions these outside influences to give you an idea of what your body is up against on a daily basis.

Pollution, a poor diet, and overuse of your joints are all causes of inflammation in your body.

PEMF therapy does not need healthy food to impact your joints, but your results may be best if you do so.

How does PEMF therapy impact inflammation and symptoms of joint disorders?

PEMFs gently impact the body by stimulating the cells first and foremost.

As discussed in prior articles regarding inflammation, it often starts in the cells.

When cells become damaged or they malfunction, inflammation seeps into the tissues and joints.

This is because inflammation that is left untreated causes enzymes to leak into the tissues and joints.

This causes further damage and necrosis of the tissue over time.

Inflammation itself is a physiological process.

Inflammation is normal, and it’s a process that indicates to us that something is wrong.

When inflammation continues, it becomes acute.

This means it’s time to seek medical advice from your doctor.

If you have an old injury that was left untreated, inflammation could be causing the increase in your level of pain.

Those who suffer from painful conditions and illnesses have been able to benefit from the use of PEMF therapy.

Additionally, the primary reason so many research PEMF therapy is for help in managing chronic pain.

There are various types of cells that may be impacted directly by inflammation including:

  • Fibroblasts
  • Endothelial cells
  • Smooth muscle cells

Depending on the type of disease or injury you may face, the rate at which the inflammation spreads could vary.

This is where PEMF therapy comes into play for reducing pain for symptoms of joint disorders.

Conditions like psoriasis are similar to the biological processes that occur before the inflammation is noticeable.

Inflammation begins long before it shows up.

The most common process is the battle against bacterial infections.

When healthy T cells arrive behind the inflammation the healing can begin.

When this process does not occur naturally, PEMF therapy is needed to stimulate the healing process.

PEMF therapy has been shown to increase the level of healthy white blood cells in the body.

This means that infection may be reversed completely.

This study shows that this is the case here, when PEMF therapy was used to aid in the stimulation of anti-inflammatory agents that should naturally occur in the body.  You can follow the link HERE-

T cells are the primary regulator of the inflammatory process.

Once these are stimulated and plentiful, symptoms of joint disorders may begin to improve.

This is why PEMF therapy is so vital to the healing of inflammation.

PEMFs penetrate through the body’s tissues, bones, joints, muscles, and nerves down to the cells.

This non-invasive and relaxing therapy is changing how patients feel.

Studies show that low intensity and low-frequency PEMFs stimulate the production of healthy T cells.

This means that the body can become stronger and fight off unwanted lymphocytes.

This is where the decrease of inflammation begins.

The end results is less pain and discomfort that leads to a higher quality of life.

Would you agree?

Reduce Symptoms of Joint Disorders with a PEMF Mat

A myriad of individuals have sought PEMF devices to aid in reducing inflammation for numerous reasons.

It is best to conduct your own online research before you purchase a PEMF device.

There are several factors that go into choosing a PEMF device. However, a PEMF mat gives you full body therapy.

Those who use a PEMF therapy mat often report improved sleep, as well as renewed energy when used in the morning.

Those who report the greatest success use their PEMF therapy mat daily, twice a day.

If you are battling inflammation, and you would like to learn more about how PEMF therapy may reduce the painful “symptoms of joint disorders”, please visit today.

symptoms of joint disorders


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