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Rife Therapy vs. PEMF Therapy

Rife Therapy vs. PEMF Therapy

It seems that as holistic medicine continues to evolve, there is a constant battle of Rife therapy vs. PEMF therapy.

Just like any good therapy, there is some good and some bad to each of them. Rife therapy and PEMF therapy have many similarities, yet they are also very different.

Thus, the title Rife therapy vs. PEMF therapy.

The same is true of any disease or condition. Each of these has their own unique properties and ill effects.

While both may produce the healing outcome, it is important that you learn more about each of them prior to making a decision.

Purchasing a wellness device is a long-term commitment. Your budget is also important.

Today, this article is going to cover the highlights of the Rife machine and what it can do for the mind and body.

Additionally, the highlights of PEMF therapy will be revisited along with the numerous benefits an individual may experience from consistent use.

A Comparison of Rife Therapy vs. PEMF Therapy

A visit to the office of a naturopathic physician will result in many things, but generally an education comes first.

Analysis of the patient is also a first step. Any individual who visits a naturopath will soon discover that the goal is to treat the whole person.

As a patient, you will most likely hear about one of two therapies along the way.

Rife therapy and PEMF therapy are both good therapies used by chiropractors and holistic doctors the world over.

However, there has long been an argument over which therapy is the best therapy.

The contest of Rife therapy vs. PEMF therapy is anything but a contest.

In fact, it is likely that the best of naturopathic physicians and chiropractors use both in their practice.

Why is this? Let’s take a look at the history of Rife therapy. This will help you understand the major differences, and how it was developed.

Royal Raymond Rife is the creator of the Rife machine.

There isn’t much information available about his upbringing, but in his early adult years it is believed that Rife attended college in San Diego after having served as a US Naval Commander.

Rife received and honorary Doctor of Parasitology from the University of Heidelberg in 1914.

It is believed that he received another honorary Doctor of Science from the University of Southern California in 1936.

His fascination for all things science led to his creation of his first microscope in 1921.

He continued his research, focusing on optics, and then later creating a high-intensity lamp for the microscope in 1929.

Rife conducted a study using B.coli and radio-frequencies. While using various frequencies, Rife noted that bacteria deactivated.

It seems simple enough, but this study led to Rife determining that specific frequencies could heal the body, and stop pain.

Rife knew that he needed to do more with his study in order to prove to other scientists what he had seen.

The development of a stronger microscope where the human eye would be able to see tiny viruses, pathogens, and other bacteria was essential to strengthening his study.

It was in the 1930’s that a significant amount of information and research was finally being documented to share the evidence and basis of his studies and what he discovered.

Here is what he determined during this time.

  1. Short exposure every few days worked the best.
  2. Only a few devices were available at that time, and being used by only a few MD’s.
  3. Very precise radio-frequencies are used on specific viruses and illnesses to determine the outcome.
  4. The machine was regarded as a frequency generator at that time.

Although this article will not give you the entire history of Royal Rife’s life and all of his studies, it has been said that Rife’s machine was a farce.

The reality is that any natural therapy or machine will most likely not be given a fair shot in the United States where conventional medicine has the upper hand.

There are tons of websites that claim they have a  “True Rife Machine”, but so few of the original machines can be recovered.

There are researchers who have recovered some of the original machines, but not everyone who states they have one is correct.

The machines that were recovered were tested and they were proven to produce specific frequencies.

Rife and his engineer, Phillip Hoyland, had created many machines together.

They all were to serve their own unique purpose, but similar machines have been built since the 1950’s to reproduce these radio-frequencies and see how individuals suffering from certain diseases and conditions respond to them.

Is it fair to make the comparison of Rife therapy vs. PEMF therapy?

Here are some of the main reasons individuals would choose Rife machines.

  1. Destroying pathogens.
  2. Attacking aggressive bacterial infections.

PEMF therapy is generally used to reduce inflammation, swelling, pain, renew energy, and aid in better sleep.

Rife machines and PEMF devices are similar in that they both use electromagnetic frequencies.

However, Rife machines vary in their design.

They offer foot plates, machines that use a plasma tube, sending frequencies through the air, and there are hand-held devices that have a wand like appearance.

PEMF therapy has been used for decades as well, but the focus with PEMF devices is lower-frequencies and intensities.

Rife machines can emit frequencies anywhere from 0 Hz to millions of Hz.

The principles behind PEMF devices is that the lower-intensity and frequency is better.

This is especially true when dealing with inflammation and nerves.

The idea is to relax the mind and body, and bring it back to it’s natural state. The Rife machines seems to have a harder approach, in that they are “blasting” pathogens so to speak.

Is there really a healthy balance to the conversation when it comes to Rife therapy vs. PEMF therapy?

There can be if you do some online research to determine price and availability of these devices.

Most individuals have found that PEMF devices are more readily available and are much less expensive.

It is crucial that you do your online research before you make a final decision.

Talk to your doctor first before you try any new therapies or devices.

You and your primary care physician know your health history better than anyone.

Also, be advised that neither device is a cure.

However, many have discovered that with consistent use of PEMF therapy mats, that they have experienced:

1. Better sleep.
2. Improved mood.
3. More energy.
4. Reduced inflammation and pain.
5. Improved circulation.
6. Fewer flare-up of conditions like Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, and various forms of arthritis.

At the end of the day, it’s also important to note what you wish to use these devices for. Doing the research will help you make a decision.

There are pros and cons to every device and any therapy.

If you found this article helpful, regarding “Rife therapy vs. PEMF therapy”, please leave us a comment below.

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  1. K. Michelle Mosley

    I have both a Bemer Pro and the Rife GB4000 w/ SR4 amplifier. Since your article says they both use electromagnetic frequencies I’m wondering if they can be used simultaneously without interfering with each other to save time and to possibly even synergistically boost their effectiveness in doing so. I have stage four triple positive breast cancer so treating with each separately takes forever and it’s hard on my back and neck having to lay and sit down so much.

    • Tammy Coffin

      Hi K. Michelle,

      That would not be a question we can answer. We do not sell Bemer or Rife.

      Many thanks,
      The Team at PEMF Supply


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