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Why PEMF Therapy Should be Part of Your Plan for Heart Health

Why PEMF Therapy Should be Part of Your Plan for Heart Health

Have you considered making the daily use of a PEMF device part of your plan for heart health?

There are numerous studies that show that PEMF therapy is a viable part of reducing blood pressure, as well as reducing symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

This month has been dedicated to cardiovascular health and the role that PEMF therapy plays in it.

As the face of healthcare remains unknown, it is time to consider natural options that you can use in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Today, this article will share with you how you can incorporate the use of a PEMF device into your plan for health and better overall health in 2018.

Creating a Good Plan for Heart Health

One of the biggest challenges you have is taking care of yourself.

It is hard work to do the things you know that you should do, but perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at how one revolutionary therapy can work with conventional medicine or holistic medicine to take care of your heart.

As you age your body will become more susceptible to greater health problems.

It is also more challenging to heal the body and maintain your good health as you continue to age.

Using a PEMF device is a good choice for anyone who wants to create a better plan for heart health and better overall health.

A PEMF device can be a great complementary therapy to any conventional treatment.

Even if you are using prescription medications at this time, you can certainly learn more about how this therapy could help you reduce your intake of this medication in the future.

Most individuals desire to learn more about how to use a PEMF device for chronic pain, improving sleep, as well as improving circulation.

This is because the cost of prescription medications has gone up.

There are many individuals or families that may choose to carry their own health insurance or go without coverage due to the cost.

Many have found that PEMF therapy has prevented them from getting sick, and has also reduced the life of a cold or flu.

Renewed energy has also been a popular reason to seek a PEMF device to use daily, but the research goes deeper still.

There are thousands of studies in Europe and in the United States that show that PEMF therapy has been able to do the following:

  1. Improve capillary density
  2. Improve blood flow
  3. Heal tissues around the heart
  4. Heal muscles of the heart
  5. Strengthen blood vessels, nerves, and veins

All of these reasons are reasons to trust that PEMF therapy can be part of a vital plan for heart health. Using a PEMF device is not a substitute for other good health decisions you make daily.

Eating healthy and getting exercise are both good choices for you to make.

It is up to you to choose to do those things, just as it is your choice to purchase a device and use it regularly.

What can you expect from studies on PEMF therapy for heart health?

Include PEMF Therapy to Your Plan for Heart Health

A study that was done on rats with a history of myocardial infarction (heart attacks), has shown that cardiac response improved with the use of PEMF therapy.

There were various aspects of the study that were noted as they referred specifically to cardiovascular health.

The density of the capillaries was noted as having improved after therapy was administered.

Vascular endothelial growth also improved. This means that the cells that stimulate the formation of blood vessels were also regenerating in good health.

The cells in your body will all respond to electromagnetic fields which is not only amazing, but it is a miracle all its own.

The body’s cells respond to frequencies of 0-30 Hz.

The heart is the organ with the highest level of voltage. You have most likely never heard of a case of heart cancer.

This is because the heart has such a high voltage.

The heart, along with the cells, neurons, molecules, tissues, nerves, and muscles are all getting stronger each day with exposure to PEMFs.

The earth’s electromagnetic fields have been waning over the last 300 years. The last 15 years we have seen a dramatic change.

The use of a PEMF device in your own home can help you remain in good health, be strong, and maintain good health.

Those who want to be well and stay well, should consider researching and comparing PEMF devices.

It is a great complementary therapy for any conventional therapy, and it’s a great addition to your “plan for heart health” too.

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