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Dr. Reuven Sandyk’s Research on PEMF’s and Parkinson’s Disease

Dr. Reuven Sandyk’s Research on PEMF’s and Parkinson’s Disease

The month of April also raises awareness about PEMF’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

At least, the awareness includes the benefits of PEMF therapy here in our community.

While you may not yet fully realize the impact that PEMF therapy can have on your life, this article will shed more light on just how powerful this revolutionary therapy is.

Parkinson’s Disease, a progressive neurological disease has affected thousands.

The statistics show that the number is climbing, and PEMF researchers suggest that the waning electromagnetic fields of the earth are the cause.

Today, this article will share with you what science and medicine believe is the root cause for Parkinson’s Disease.

Then, the article will focus on how PEMF therapy can potentially improve the quality of life for a Parkinson’s patient and their loved ones.

The Core Of PEMF’s and Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is troubling for the individual who receives the diagnosis, and so it is also quite challenging for the family members and caregivers involved.

Research in PEMF therapy suggests that there is much more to learn about PEMF’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

This is what we know based upon reporting from the medical community on Parkinson’s.

  1. In November 2017, an article was published by the University of Rochester Medical Center regarding Parkinson’s becoming “a looming pandemic”. Those are strong words issued about the latest research on this disease. Although this is a neurological disease, the statements made in that article were clear cut. This is no longer about treating the aged, but being compared to infectious diseases that spiral out of control. The Global Burden of Disease Study indicated that neurological disorders are now the leading cause of disability around the world. The time-frame given in the study, was between the years 1990 and 2015. The prevalence of Parkinson’s during this time has more than doubled. What is the reason? The article in 2017 never pinpoints anything, but what we do know is that this same time-frame is when researchers in energy medicine as a whole, believe that the electromagnetic fields of the earth began to dissipate.
  2. Research studies in PEMF therapy suggest that consistent/daily use of a PEMF device improves the quality of life for those with Parkinson’s Disease. There is also reason to believe that it could perhaps prevent the disease when used on a consistent/daily basis.

The outcome of the article was that patients and their family members and caregivers go to the pharmaceutical companies demanding more from them.

Could it be that more drugs are not the answer?

At this time, there is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease. However, we can see in research studies that PEMF’s and Parkinson’s Disease have an interesting relationship.

Where PEMF’s are present, there are changes in the individual with Parkinson’s.

To keep it simple, Parkinson’s is believed to start where death of the neurons in the midbrain begin.

While doctors do not know what the actual root cause is, the midbrain is where the degeneration of neurons begins.

An independent study that was conducted using various therapies, concluded that pulsed electromagnetic therapy had the strongest impact for those with Parkinson’s.

This is due to the following facts:

  • PEMF’s can penetrate all tissues including all layers of the skin to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.
  • There is a form that is considered, “for hospital use”, known as rTMS. This stands for repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation.
  • PEMF therapy is safe and non-invasive.
  • PEMF’s can modify neuronal activity when it is delivered in pulses. This is critical for understanding that consistent use is important. Therefore, purchasing a PEMF device for use in your own home is the best approach.

Dr. Reuven Sandyk, a doctor out of Roslyn, NY, published research on the use of what he refers to as “very weak picoTesla currents”. Dr. Sandyk indicated that pulsed electromagnetic therapy can reverse patterns of brainwaves.

This is great news for those with neurological disorders.

“PEMF’s and Parkinson’s Disease” research studies are real, and they do show significant promise.

Researching online for yourself will help you find more answers about this.

What is your next step?

Daily Use of PEMF’s and Parkinson’s Disease Disappears

There is plenty of research behind the use of PEMF’s and Parkinson’s Disease outcomes.

While the medical community may still somewhat disagree, there are some medical doctors like Dr. Reuven Sandyk that have done the research on their own so they could learn more about this game-changing therapy.

It is absolutely always best to talk with your doctor first before you try anything new.

While PEMF therapy is not a cure for Parkinson’s Disease or any other disease, it has been proven that consistent use of this therapy can improve one’s symptoms.

There are now a plethora of PEMF devices on the market.

Do your own research, and be sure to ask questions about the company selling the device before you give any personal information. T

he choice is yours.

Choose wisely, and you’ll discover that there is hope with the use of  PEMF’s and Parkinson’s Disease patients.

PEMF's and Parkinson's Disease

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