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The Science Behind a PEMF Therapy Mat

The Science Behind a PEMF Therapy Mat

A PEMF therapy mat is quickly becoming one of the most popular wellness devices on the market, and it’s helping people find much-needed relief for pain, renewed energy, and improved sleep.

You won’t be able to find this mat in just any store.

It’s important to learn the science behind this mat and what makes it a great wellness device for almost anyone to use.

Those who have used a PEMF therapy mat, and the independent studies that have been published have shed light on the amazing healing properties that exist within PEMF therapy.

There is much evidence pointing to the fact that it may be used in the future to help prevent disease and illness as well.

Chiropractors, homeopaths, and even medical doctors are now looking to this unique mat to see how it can help their patients.

What could a PEMF therapy mat do for you?

This article will share some in-depth information with you about a PEMF therapy mat and the science behind it.

We will discuss what PEMF therapy is, how it works, and how you can use it in the comfort of your own home.

If you could stand to experience renewed energy, improved sleep, or even less anxiety or pain relief, this mat may just be what you need.

Please read this article in its entirety before you make a decision, and please talk to your doctor about whether or not PEMF therapy is right for you.

How a PEMF Therapy Mat Works

Years of study and research have contributed to what is now known as the PEMF therapy mat.

Numerous studies and thousands upon thousands of hours of research were done prior to the creation of this mat and other PEMF devices.

You may not realize that PEMF therapy isn’t a new concept.

In fact, this therapy is one of the earliest forms of therapy outside of herbal supplementation and the use of essential oils.

Galen, a Greek physician was the first to note the healing power of magnetism in his book, De Simplicium Medicamentorum Temperamentis. This book was written roughly around 200 B.C.

The word “magnet” originates from the Greek which in its original form is “magnes lithos”, or rather “stone from Magnesia”.

An area of Greece noted for its volcanic rock, was also noted for magnetic properties.

These rocks contain what is known as magnetite, and the human body contains trace amounts of magnetite.

This is where the foundation has been laid for magnetic therapy.

Placing lodestones on the body would help to correct imbalances, and it was then that Galen discovered what we refer to as magnetic therapy.

It has come a long way, and over time it has evolved into what we now refer to as PEMF therapy.

Albert Einstein was responsible for laying the foundation for how PEMF therapy works.

Einstein was highly regarded for many things, but when he was able to prove that magnetism and electricity were related to each other and not opposed to each other, a new realm of science was born.

It was during this time that the very common ailments we use this therapy for today were the same then including:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Insomnia.
  3. Arthritis.
  4. Convulsions.

Eventually, products like caps, boots, and other garments with magnets were made and eventually sold through catalogs.

Over time, more uses for magnetic therapy were discovered when Japan began changing wave shapes with electrical current after World War II.

Europe was fascinated by what Japan was doing, and as a result, they began to study how this could be used in everyday medicine.

It was during the 1900’s through 1960 that Europe experimented and created numerous magnetic therapeutic devices.

Trial with these devices gave researchers an opportunity to find out what worked best for certain types of illnesses, diseases and conditions.

Over time these trials led to further development of devices and perfecting how treatments were being given.

One of the greatest studies to be noted in magnetic therapy, was the implementation of what is known as electro-biology.

Friedenberg attempted to study the use of electrical currents with a non-union fracture, using 10 microamps of electrical current.

This treatment was viewed as harsh and as a result, a study was done using the same concept, but with low frequency electromagnetic signals.

This research continued to develop and was considered more favorable and low risk than the research conducted by Friedenberg.

The key was to find a way to emit these low frequencies safely, and in a pattern that would get the body to respond naturally and favorably.

This is essentially the foundation by which a PEMF therapy mat was built.

Now that you know a bit more about the science, research and development behind the PEMF therapy mat, could it be strong enough to help you calm moderate to severe pain, insomnia, arthritis, and other imbalances in the body?

Is a PEMF Therapy Mat Right for You?

The old saying says, “History repeats itself”, and that may also be true for magnetic therapy.

The research has been done and proves that magnets possess healing qualities.

It is also true that research is still being done today in an attempt to further how we can improve PEMF therapy, the effects of this therapy, and how we can make it more accessible.

Improving upon PEMF therapy was simply a matter of finding an easy and safe method of delivery.

This is the primary reason so many devices have been created over the last century.

The “PEMF therapy mat” was designed for treating the whole body, making it more useful and effective for all who choose to use it.

Most mats are beautifully designed, with a soft, microfiber surface that is easy to wipe down and is comfortable to lie on.

When using the mat on a flat surface, one is able to get a quite and gentle therapy with the pulsed electromagnetic fields.

Here are some common conditions that these mats are used for.

  1. Trouble sleeping.
  2. Arthritis.
  3. Depression.
  4. Fatigue.
  5. Fibromyalgia.

It is important to know more about what you are using and why, and we hope that we have answered these important questions for you.

Giving you a little bit of scientific background is essential to helping you understand how this therapy came to be.

While it was not always widely accepted in North America, PEMF devices were recognized as wellness devices in 2015.

This is great news for those who have been desperately seeking safe alternatives to dangerous drugs and expensive and invasive surgical procedures.

Do you struggle to find a deep, restorative sleep at night?

Do you suffer from chronic pain as a result of arthritis, fibromyalgia, or an old injury?

Do you suffer from low back pain, spinal stenosis, or herniated discs?

Regardless of what pains you, or what disturbs your sleep, it could be time to try something new.

If you would like to learn more about how a PEMF therapy mat could help you get pain relief, renewed energy, and better sleep, please visit today.

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