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The Powerful Effects of PEMF Therapy on Skin Cancer

The Powerful Effects of PEMF Therapy on Skin Cancer

There are thousands of studies that show PEMF therapy has a positive effect on cancer, and there is reason to believe that the effects of PEMF therapy on skin cancer would be equally powerful.

Studies have also proven that PEMF therapy has a positive effect on those with psoriasis.

These two ideals combined shed light on how PEMF’s can improve the life of those with skin cancer.

This article is not intended to state that PEMF therapy is a cure, nor is it intended to give you medical advice.

However, the research behind PEMF therapy, and the outcome that patients have reported show promise to individuals that are looking for answers regarding skin cancer of all types, including those who have suffered from the effects of melanoma.

The research that we share in this article, will help you understand how PEMF can affect the health of the skin, and how healing begins from the inside out.

Understanding the Effects of PEMF Therapy on Skin Cancer

Learning how PEMF therapy works is important, and the basics will be covered here, along with more detail on how it can effect those who have skin cancer.

PEMF therapy works on the body as a whole by:

  • Stimulating nerves
  • Stimulating cells
  • Stimulating blood flow

These three key points are important because they all affect the skin and how it continues to function and heal.

Every action of the body, including anything that happens with our skin starts with the cells.

PEMF therapy works down to the cellular level, and this is where it’s true power is found.

White blood cells are stimulated with PEMF therapy, and these are the cells that appear in large numbers when infection or disease is present.

Energy levels are increased in the blood cells during therapy, and red blood cells become energized and bounce around as they too become stimulated.

As the therapy is emitted through the body, white blood cells become larger and they function in a more powerful capacity to catch bacteria and stop it in its tracks.

This activity also halts the production of cancer cells and their movement in the blood.

Those who use PEMF therapy may also benefit from reduced inflammation.

You may think that inflammation is something that athletes deal with on a regular basis, or you may think of inflammation as it pertains to arthritis, but it can also affect your skin.

Those who suffer from skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema are dealing with inflammation of the skin.

The same is true for those who have skin cancer.

Cancer is a type of inflammation, and understanding the effects of PEMF therapy on skin cancer is important in order to understand how healing begins.

Learning how cells function, and how PEMF therapy affects the cells when they are damaged can help you understand WHY the outcome is favorable in many cases.

Just remember that cells create energy, but they also eliminate waste. Cells can also regenerate, meaning that it is possible for new and healthier cells to be created.

They each have their own function depending upon where they are located and what kind of cell they are.

A key benefit that cells can obtain from PEMF therapy is the production of ATP or adenosine triphosphate.

This is essential for cells to function and sustain life. When PEMF therapy penetrates the cells, they gain “new life” so to speak, and cell metabolism gets a boost.

When disease is present, this means that levels of ATP are low, and PEMF therapy has the ability to stimulate them and give the ATP a healthy boost. When your physician doesn’t offer this, what can you do?

Getting the Effects of PEMF Therapy on Skin Cancer

Otto Warburg, the winner of a Nobel Prize was able to prove that cancer cannot flourish in a high oxygen environment.

This research is important for those who have been diagnosed with cancer, and it gives hope to those who continue to research the effects of PEMF therapy on cancer cells.

PEMF therapy has been shown to oxygenate the tissues and cells, and this results in the death of cancer cells.

Warburg also confirmed that the fermentation of sugar in cells is another factor that causes the growth of cancer.

Cancer is still one of the most common causes of death around the world, and that puts the research for PEMF therapy and how it affects those with skin cancer at the forefront of the medical community.

While the research continues, there has already been tremendous growth in the use of PEMF therapy in the offices of medical doctor’s and chiropractors.

While chronic pain has been on the radar of doctors across the United States, cancer is right up there with it at the top of the list.

There is limited application of PEMF therapy in the United States, mainly because it is not widely accepted in the United States.

As the interest continues to grow, and individuals continue to try it for themselves, more doctors are taking notice of this phenomenon.

While most devices used within the doctor’s office are generally priced anywhere from $5,000 and up, PEMF therapy is now more affordable than ever.

You can now use this therapy in the comfort of your own home, and you will begin to not only see results over time, but you’ll feel the difference in your energy level as well.

If you would like to learn more about the power of the effects of PEMF therapy on skin cancer, please visit today for more information.

effects of pemf therapy on skin cancer

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