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Can PEMF Therapy Heal Gout?

Can PEMF Therapy Heal Gout?

Can PEMF therapy heal gout?

Gout is one of the most common forms of arthritis, and it has plagued individuals of all ages for centuries.

The pain associated with gout is often described as intense, but it is one of the most understood medical conditions.

Most individuals do not know that this is in fact a very specific form of arthritis, and the nature of how this arthritis develops is also unique.

While many have turned to over-the-counter medications for relief from gout, there is now a better way approach getting relief from this painful form of arthritis.

This article takes a more in-depth look into gout, how it forms,  and discusses how PEMF therapy can have a positive impact on the symptoms and ultimately the root cause of this painful condition.

Can PEMF therapy heal gout?

It may be possible.

Can PEMF Therapy Heal Gout? How it Works on the Symptoms

Gout has always been regarded as a painful condition, but it has been misunderstood, largely as something that happens if you drink too much soda.

This may be somewhat true depending on the individual, but gout is actually a form of arthritis.

Gout has been established as a disorder of the metabolism, but there are also other innate causes such as:

  • Disorders of the kidneys
  • Elevated purines
  • Diseases that involve disintegration of the cells

The medical community is able to now distinguish between chronic gout as well as those who have a tendency to experience those flare-ups.

The inflammation is often severe, and while there is no rhyme or reason, the big toe is often the primary location in which it occurs in the body.

The inflammation begins when the metabolism is malfunctioning, causing the salts in uric acid to deposit in joints.

The big toe and other small joints such as those in the fingers and around the knuckles, are the most common.

There are now more prescription medications on the market to aid in reducing the level of uric acid in the body, however, there are individuals that may not catch it time running the risk of gout affecting vital organs.

Who is at risk for gout?

Those who consume a diet that is high in fat or sugar are at risk, and while PEMF therapy cannot help you control your eating habits, it can certainly have a positive impact on the symptoms of gout as well as the root cause of gout.

Can PEMF therapy heal gout? 

The answer is yes it can, if it is used consistently. This statement is not intended to offer medical advice or imply that PEMF therapy is a cure, however, there are numerous studies that have shown that PEMF therapy can dramatically reduce inflammation.

The type of inflammation that usually comes to mind is that associated with osteoarthritis, sports injuries, and the overuse of joints and muscles.

This type of inflammatory arthritis is similar in nature and the type of pain it causes although it starts in a different way.

If you were to throw salt on a wound what would happen?

Ouch! This is the same things that happens when the salts from uric acid hit the smallest defects in the joints or certain organs.

The earlier gout is treated the more likely it is to improve and respond to medication and therapy.

All prescription medications have a long list of side effects but PEMF therapy has no known adverse effects at this time.

Additionally, it is non-invasive and requires no prescription.

This means that those who wish to try it can do so at will, and it is now more affordable than ever.

How does this therapy work to heal and possibly correct gout?

Joints can have microscopic tears, and it is these types of innate defects that may never be seen on an MRI or CT scan.

These tears are so small that the salts in the uric acid settle into the joints causing severe inflammation and pain.

PEMF therapy stimulates the muscles, joints, tissues, nerves and cells in the body, and brings oxygenation to all of them.

Additionally, this therapy increased blood flow which brings healing to the tissues in the body.

Through this process, PEMF therapy begins to reduce the inflammation and swelling which results in less pain.

This process along can make the pain tolerable enough for sufferers to go about their normal daily activities.

Using PEMF therapy in conjunction with a healthier diet and lifestyle can improve your chances, giving you the best possible outcome.

If you have not discussed your options with your doctor, please do so today.

Can PEMF Therapy Heal Gout? Consistent Use Yields Consistent Results

Consistency is always the key to being healthier and in better shape, and the same is true about PEMF therapy.

Should you make the personal decision to use PEMF therapy, you should use it daily for best results.

All independent studies have shown that consistent use as specified, whether it was for two weeks or longer, the therapy was used daily.

Most studies present a scenario in which it is used Monday through Friday in a medical facility, and it is often used twice each day.

It seems that those who use it at least twice daily have the most success with this therapy.

There is no doubt that a therapy that yields so many positive results will benefit a patient so much.

Using PEMF therapy in the doctor’s office is possible but very expensive.

Those who do offer it often do so at the cost of anywhere from $60 to $120 per hour.

That may be fine for an hour session dependent upon the condition, but who can afford it even at this cost for once or twice per month?

PEMF therapy is now affordable and you can now access it and use it in the comfort of your own home.

PEMF Supply offers a PEMF therapy mat, a lightweight and comfortable mat that has given hope to thousands.

If you could like to learn more about can PEMF therapy heal you, please visit today.

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