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Understanding Veterinary Applications of PEMF Therapy

Understanding Veterinary Applications of PEMF Therapy

A majority of the studies on PEMF therapy and how it is being used in the medical field have been directed at how it applies to human beings, but more time is now being dedicated to research on the veterinary applications of PEMF therapy.

The use of this therapy for veterinary research was first introduced into the United States long before it was permitted to be used on humans, but the studies conducted on racehorses with broken legs yielded some astounding results.

Racehorses were no longer being put down due to their broken legs.

The use of PEMF therapy was producing healing in those fractured legs at alarming rate, and the surrounding tissue was healing faster and better as well.

It was in 1979 that the FDA approved the use of PEMF therapy for the treatment of non-union fractures.

This approval alone sheds light on just how powerful this therapy must be for the FDA to approve it for use of specific conditions.

This article will share with you the early research of how PEMF therapy was used in veterinary research, and how the veterinary applications of PEMF therapy may improve the overall health and lives of our pets today.

The Foundation of Veterinary Applications of PEMF Therapy

Veterinary applications of PEMF therapy are still misunderstood in that they have not been given the time in research that they need and deserve.

The way in which these applications should be use is not fully understood in the following ways:

  • When and how they should be applied
  • The frequency and the length of time in which it should be used
  • When they are to be used in conjunction with conventional treatments
  • When they can be beneficial when used in conjunction with a course of steroids

These are all important questions to ask, and while we could argue that the course of action should be the same as it is with humans, that may not be the case here.

The type of animal, their size and weight are all dependent just as they are when medication is dispensed.

The size of their organs, their tissues and cells are different in shape, size, and how they function.

The hope is that ample research would show us whether or not our household pets or farm animals are sensitive to certain types of applications or frequencies, in hopes that we could eventually treat those in the wild.

PEMF therapy, regardless of whether it is being used on animals or humans PEMF’s work down to the cellular level, aiding in the repair of damaged cells and the development of new healthy cells.

When balance is restored inside the cells, balance is aptly restored to the body.

When PEMF therapy was introduced to veterinary, it was being used for the treatment of broken legs in racehorses.

The research showed that the currents inside the electromagnetic fields were drawn to the traces of the “cracks” in the bone.

The slight cracks allowed the PEMF’s to reach material deep inside the bone, and thus the healing began.

This has continued to prove true over and over again as the therapy was used in different ways for different animals.

Research has been conducted on:

  1. Rats
  2. Rabbits
  3. Dogs
  4. Cats
  5. and many others!

There is no end to the possibility of how PEMF’s can heal our pets, and now there is hope in the numerous devices that have been developed.

Has your veterinarian integrated the use of PEMF therapy into their practice?

Use the Veterinary Applications of PEMF Therapy in Your Own Home

The above video with Dr. Weil can refer to humans and animals.

PEMF therapy has been proven in numerous studies to reduce swelling by reducing inflammation and thus reducing pain.

This is great news for pet owners with cats and dogs that suffer from arthritis, surgical recovery, or broken legs.

You can now get access to this revolutionary PEMF therapy and use it in the comfort of your own home.

Pets can undergo tremendous stress when they are transferred from home to the vet’s office, and those vet’s that use PEMF therapy via the Magnawave can charge high fees for in office use.

Those visits and the trips can drain your pocketbook dry, with gas, the office visits, and the anxiety it can cause your pet.

Your pet can feel the comfort of the electromagnetic field and experience the natural relaxation without the use of drugs, all while receiving the additional benefits of this amazing therapy.

If you would like to learn more about how you can save your time, money, and live hassle-free when it comes to giving your pet the veterinary applications of PEMF therapy, please visit www.pemfsupply today for more information.

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