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PEMF Therapy vs. Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound-Which is Stronger?

PEMF Therapy vs. Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound-Which is Stronger?

Research has been conducted on the use of PEMF therapy and whether it is more effective than LIPUS, or low-intensity pulsed ultrasound.

The use of PEMF therapy for the healing of non-union fractures was approved in 1979.

It is surprising that with this approval it has never become a modality of choice for orthopedic surgeons.

It may have to do with the fact that ultrasound is widely accepted in conventional medicine for many uses.

PEMF therapy is a natural alternative to surgery and other conventional procedures and medications.

If you broke your tibia, you would most likely be casted and then later sent for more x-rays before you go to physical therapy.

If you have never been prescribed the use of PEMF therapy and you are looking for an alternative to expensive procedures and prescription pain medicines, please read this article all the way through.

This article will share with you some information from a study using PEMFs and LIPUS (low-intensity pulsed ultrasound) for tibial fractures.

You’ll discover which therapy proved most effective and the outcome of this study.

You will also get some important information at the end regarding how you can take your healing into your own hands.

Using Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound for Healing of Tibial Fractures

Football injuries plague thousands each year, and one of the most common is the tibial fracture.

Fractures are painful, and they can take a significant amount of time to heal if they are severe.

The standard of treatment in the U.S. is to get a cast, and later go to physical therapy until the individual is strong enough to get back to their work or sports activity.

The efficacy of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound has been tested before, but it all depends on the setting and type of injury it was used for.

The information we found is specifically located in Medline.

The study selection was handpicked, researching 17 papers total seeking various dynamics to ensure that the information was accurate.

What researchers found was astonishing.

  1. Eight trials were completed using both therapies for tibial fractures.
  2. Both sexes were selected to participate in these studies.
  3. Both modalities were used for therapeutic treatment of tibial fractures.

Researchers wanted to know if one method was better than the other for the same type of injury.

In this case, everything is well documented.

Specific settings for frequency are effective for these injuries.

Human clinical trials show that PEMF therapy was most effective in the case of tibial fractures in athletic individuals.

While low-intensity ultrasound is effective as well, the study was conducted with the purpose of determining which was the most effective.

Why is PEMF therapy more effective in treating these types of fractures?

Why PEMF Therapy Trumps Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound

There are several dynamics of this research, including frequency, length of time for each session as well as length of time for use of therapy.

The studies for these fractures ranges anywhere from 12 to 24 weeks.

Historically, those with the greatest amount of success with PEMF therapy are those who use it on a daily basis.

Fractures can heal on average within 8 to 12 weeks.

Many have reported that PEMF therapy aided in reducing that time by at least a few weeks, and in some cases cutting that time in half.

There are some theories about why PEMFs are more effective than LIPUS.

PEMFs have been shown to stimulate healing at a cellular level.

This means that it’s pretty clear as to why it works so quickly.

When cells that are damaged are stimulated by an electromagnetic field, they can be repaired and new healthy cells can be developed.

Additionally, blood flow will increase to the area of the injury.

This is essential for proper healing, and for healing in a timely manner.

Tissues, joints, bones, and muscles all benefit from the process.

In fact, nerves also benefit. Nerves have been shown to regenerate, and even new blood vessels are created.

All of these processes enhance the healing process itself.

When cells are opened up and they eliminate waste, healing is full throttle. Now you can get that healing in the comfort of your own home.

Many naturopathic physicians offer this therapy, however, they often charge high fees per session to get it.

How can anyone afford to pay $60 each time they need therapy?

Most individuals need PEMF therapy daily.

As the earth’s magnetic field continues to weaken, we need to continue to look for healthy alternatives.

If you have tried “low-intensity ultrasound” therapy only to be frustrated with the results, please visit today to learn more about this revolutionary therapy.

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