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Debunking PEMF Myths and What You Should Know

Debunking PEMF Myths and What You Should Know

The research on PEMF therapy is exciting, but while researching you will come across many PEMF myths.

If you are new to PEMF therapy, it’s easy to get confused. It can be difficult to sort out the good information from the bad since you aren’t sure just yet who is reputable.

The purpose of this article to share some of the most common PEMF myths with you, and give you the facts about why they are nothing more than a myth.

Once you read about the most common myths, you’ll have a better understanding of what PEMF therapy is, and why it’s so effective.

PEMF Myths All Over the Internet

It’s really easy to see how the information on PEMF therapy can be confusing for you if you are new to this subject matter.

Although this revolutionary therapy is growing in popularity around the world, there is still a lot of information out there that isn’t accurate.

There are still numerous independent studies and controlled studies to read up on, but you’ll want to know what the most common PEMF myths are and how to debunk them.

  1. It’s all about using earth-based frequencies. While this is somewhat true, it can easily confuse those who are now starting to research PEMF therapy. It is true that PEMF devices replicate the earth’s electromagnetic fields, but the earth emits numerous frequencies. Frequencies allow us to see color and light, and they all serve a unique purpose. It’s important to note which frequencies the body responds best to, which is 0-30 Hz, but this doesn’t mean that frequencies above this are dangerous for you. Many conditions respond well to 1000 Hz, including OCD, depression and anxiety, and many other disorders.
  2. Only wound coils can create a pure magnetic field. PEMF devices contain copper coils, and it is true that ONLY copper coils can produce a pure magnetic field. However, the shape of those coils does not affect the outcome of using the device. Each manufacturer may construct their PEMF mats and other devices differently. As long as the coils are made from copper there is not an issue.
  3. High intensities are not good for the human body. While intensities are important subject matter, it is not true that high intensities are dangerous for the human body. Lower intensities are ideal for many common conditions, but severe pain and serious conditions and diseases often respond best to higher intensity devices.
  4. Biofeedback is essential for good results with PEMF therapy. There are some PEMF devices that include biofeedback. While this is good, it is not necessary to have this component on your PEMF device. Generally, devices that include this component are really low intensity. In fact, the intensity is so low in these devices that it doesn’t impact the heart rate very much. For all intents and purposes, a biofeedback element is a heart monitor. You can purchase these for very little and use them while using your PEMF device if you wish.
  5. You only need to use your PEMF device for 8 minutes twice per day. This statement may be true for general use, but everyone will respond differently. There are many different settings on each PEMF device, so it’s no surprise that there are numerous PEMF myths surrounding how to use them! The protocol that you use will be dependent upon why you purchased your PEMF device. Those who suffer from rheumatic diseases or neurological diseases may need to use their devices anywhere from 20-30 minutes per day or longer.

There are many more myths that you’ll come across, but these five appear to come up frequently. The reason that you desire to try PEMF therapy will help you determine the right protocol just for you.

PEMF Myths and the Right Device for You

Now that you are aware of the most common “PEMF myths” today, you’ll also discover that it’s challenging to determine which device is right for you.

Keep in mind as you conduct your own research that the use of a PEMF mat, can aid in healing and cell renewal for the entire body simultaneously.

Those who seek more localized therapy for shoulders, knees, elbows and hands may benefit from a PEMF therapy ring.

Everyone is unique, and therefore will need to choose their own PEMF device according to their health needs. As you surf the internet to research and compare PEMF devices, keep in mind that many of them have a lot of bells and whistles.

All that you need is a high-quality PEMF device that you can use twice daily for your specific needs.

If you are new to PEMF therapy, write down some of the PEMF myths that you come across and share them with us, and we’ll do our absolute best to answer your questions.

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  1. Lynn Roscioli

    I just purchased a PEMF matt and I have few questions. If you have multiple issues that you want to treat, do you use it twice a day for each issue? Or do you treat on issue for a while then another the next week?? Do you only use it twice a day? Should you use it more thank twice a day?
    Thank you

    • Tammy Coffin

      Hi Lynn,

      We cannot offer medical advice, but most report having the best success by using the OMI mat twice per day. Generally, using it twice per day is sufficient. You may want to research specific conditions online to learn more about the time used and frequency for each session. We also find that those who use it after 4PM tend to stay awake later as it increases one’s energy level.

      Many thanks,
      The Team at PEMF Supply


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