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Powerful Pain Relief Using PEMF Therapy

Powerful Pain Relief Using PEMF Therapy

When it comes to managing chronic pain, PEMF therapy for pain relief is a powerful tool. Are you new to the world of PEMF therapy? If so, you may have some questions about what it is, how it works, or what a session is like. Let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions regarding PEMF therapy in regard to pain. Join us, and learn more about how this treatment can help you.

What Is PEMF Therapy, and How Does It Work?

PEMF is an acronym for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field. PEMF therapy consists of a device that emits pulses of energy waves. This energy courses through the body, directly to damaged or injured areas. The energy is particularly drawn to areas experiencing chronic pain and inflammation. The energy of the PEMF device passes through the cells in your body, amplifying the cellular energy. The increase in energy promotes a natural reaction that regenerates and enhances the efficiency of the cell’s function. This natural process stimulates healing and helps to improve your overall well-being. PEMF therapy acts as a natural pain relief. 

How Is PEMF Therapy Administered?

There are different types of PEMF therapy devices. The type of device best suited for you will depend on your needs and preferred method of application. PEMF mats rest on a table, floor, or bed. The mats allow the user to lay directly on the PEMF device and have electromagnetic pulses course throughout the entire body. These devices are a popular option for folks suffering from chronic pain and inflammation.

The full body mat energizes all of the cells in your body/ Other accessory PEMF devices provide more direct pulses of energy for localized pain. For example, if you are having difficulties with pain in your knee joint, a PEMF ring is a beneficial option for delivery of pulses directly to the joint. The application process is simple and easy. There is no need for special preparation or chemical numbing agents. Simply order a PEMF device that is appropriate for your needs. As soon as your product arrives, you may start using it in the comfort and privacy of your home.  

Does PEMF Therapy Have Any Side Effects?

In most cases, PEMF therapy does not cause side effects. It’s a safe therapy that most people use with little to no negative effects. Physicians do not recommend PEMF therapy for people with pacemakers or other electrical implants. Studies show that, in rare cases, certain types of PEMF devices can interfere with the electronics in pacemakers. Because of this, we recommend consulting with your doctor before using a PEMF device if you have a pacemaker.  Most of the problems with pacemakers occur with the use of high intensity PEMF devices which are not common for in home use.   PEMF Therapy for pain relief

Does PEMF Therapy Really Work?

Yes, PEMF therapy is beneficial for health. There are many clinical trials that prove its efficacy. This systematic review is published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. It shows that PEMF therapy is useful for managing conditions such as postsurgical pain and edema in patients having cosmetic surgery. This study’s participants indicated that they did not experience harmful side effects. The results prove that PEMF therapy is effective in decreasing swelling and helping in the mitigation of pain and discomfort. Another randomized, double-blind trial of PEMF therapy has come to similar conclusions. This study notes that PEMF  therapy benefits those with musculoskeletal pain and fibromyalgia. It is also noted that no harmful side effects were experienced by trial participants.

Is PEMF Therapy Regulated By The FDA?

Yes, the FDA regulates PEMF therapy devices. The FDA approves PEMF for certain health conditions, particularly post spinal surgery – for enhancement of bone formation in non-union fractures after lumbar or cervical spine fusion surgery. Several PEMF devices are also approved for treating edema and surgical pain.  Most low intensity PEMF devices are FDA registered wellness devices in compliance with FDA standards.  

Can I Use PEMF Together With Pain-Relieving Medications?

Yes, PEMF presents little to no side effects or drug-related contraindications. This means that you can continue using clinically-prescribed pain medication, anti-inflammatory medications, and other prescribed medications while undergoing PEMF therapy sessions.  In fact, many PEMF users find that PEMF therapy is a beneficial, complementary therapy.

Do I Need A Prescription To Get PEMF Treatment?

No, you do not need a prescription to purchase a PEMF therapy device. Though some types of PEMF treatments are approved by the FDA, the devices still fall into the category of holistic or alternative medicine. PEMF therapy devices do not require a prescription. To start using PEMF therapy products, we recommend doing some product research to help you find a product that best suits your needs and budget.  

Understand PEMF Therapy for Pain – And How It Can Help You!

Hopefully, this FAQ has helped you learn more about PEMF therapy and how it offers relief from conditions like fibromyalgia, muscle pain, arthritis, and musculoskeletal pain.  PEMF therapy is a great option for natural, chemical free pain relief and overall wellness.   PEMF therapy benefits cancer patients


  1. Marilyn rieti

    How would you use for neck pain,right side nerve pressing on vertebrae at top, is it a hand held device that you hold on pain, do not want to lay down, that may put me to sleep. Please reply and where do you find it, in medical store?

    • Jenn Thompson

      Hello Marilyn. Thank you for contacting PEMF Supply.
      Please visit our website at to view our PEMF devices.
      We have the full body mats that you lay on as well as a chair mat and ring for localized application.
      Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any additional questions.


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