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How PEMF Therapy Improves Eyesight

How PEMF Therapy Improves Eyesight

PEMF therapy has been proven to help the mind and body in numerous ways, but did you that know that PEMF therapy improves eyesight?

As the human body ages many changes occur.

Along with these changes are changes in eyesight as well.

Regardless of age an individual may face vision problems.

However, as we age, we naturally face lower visual acuity.

This means it may be more difficult to read for long periods of time.

As we age, it also becomes more difficult to read in low light.

Blurred vision, problems focusing on objects, and difficult reading small print seem to strike those that are age 40 and above.

Is there a natural way to face these vision challenges?

Seeing the eye doctor is a wise decision to have your vision checked, but any procedure, laser or otherwise may not be necessary.

Science has shown us there are two natural ways we may be able to treat these vision problems.

One of those is regular eye check-ups, but the other indicates PEMF therapy improves eyesight.

PEMF Therapy Improves Eyesight Naturally

Did you know that aging causes a condition known as presbyopia?

This condition is an age-related condition that affects vision, and it begins to occur in many individuals age 40 and above.

Presbyopia is what happens when vision begins to diminish with age. Generally the following are clear indicators:

  • Difficult to focus clearly on close objects
  • Difficulty reading small print
  • Headaches associated with eye strain

How does the process of this condition begin?

Presbyopia can actually begin to present symptoms as early as age 35.

This process occurs naturally as you age but it begins as the lens of the eye becomes harder.

The hardening of your eye lens causes light to be refracted behind the eye rather than shining light on the retina.

This “refractive error” is what makes it difficult to see clearly when looking closely at small objects.

Eye glasses are the usual course of treatment, but new research sheds light on two other options.

These options are PEMF therapy and seeing your eye doctor on a regular basis.

PEMF therapy, or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been championed by Dr. Oz on his show.

Additionally, he has stated that it could improve eyesight.

Glaucoma, a common condition that afflicts the elderly has been researched with PEMF therapy.

These gentle currents stimulate the nerves and blood vessels, thus reducing symptoms of glaucoma and other diseases.

Increased pressure inside the eye is what causes glaucoma.

This condition is what doctors refer to as a “group of eye problems”.

The pressure inside the eye can distress the optic nerve and cause damage as a result.

This same process is also true of sciatic nerve pain in the low back.

When there is swelling in tissues and joints this can put pressure on that nerve. The result is nerve pain in that case.

The same is true when pressure is put on the optic nerve, but rather than pain it can affect your ability to see properly.

Initially, you may not notice a big difference.

When peripheral vision begins to fade away, further damage ensues.

The standard treatment is not risk-free, and therefore it is best to try something more natural and non-invasive.

This is why many are now turning to PEMF therapy.

These gentle pulses are something you cannot feel, but you can see and feel the results of what it does.

While this therapy is not a cure, it may be worth trying to avoid invasive procedures involving your eye.

PEMF therapy is a great complementary therapy in addition to other therapies recommended by your eye doctor.

How is it that PEMF therapy improves eyesight?

Glasses may not relieve glaucoma, but surgery is often recommended for this.

PEMF therapy is unlike anything else you’ve tried.

How does it work?

PEMF therapy can stimulate the cells in your eyes, as well as the nerves and blood vessels.

Why should you use PEMF therapy rather than choosing another method of therapy?

  1. There are numerous devices to choose from.
  2. Easy-to-use.
  3. Can be used for just a few minutes each day.
  4. May stop or reverse the age-related visual impairment.

Would you consider using PEMF therapy in addition to what your eye doctor recommends?

PEMF Therapy Improves Eyesight Without Surgery

Whether you choose to use PEMF therapy is a personal choice.

These are both non-invasive methods of improving your eyesight.

You may not have glaucoma, but if you can understand how PEMF therapy impacts glaucoma you’ll see how effective it can be overall for improving your eye health.

The stimulation of nerves and blood vessels is important to your health, and there numerous blood vessels behind and around the eye.

Surgery sounds a bit frightening for your eyes, would you agree?

You can use these PEMF therapy anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes a day.

You can use your device of choice in  the comfort of your own home, and no one is sticking anything inside your eye.

If you would like to learn more about how PEMF therapy improves eyesight, please visit today.

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