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Could PEMF Therapy Heal Hypoparathyroidism?

Could PEMF Therapy Heal Hypoparathyroidism?

Hypoparathyroidism isn’t as common as other forms of thyroid disease, but it isn’t uncommon for a patient to stay in the hospital after thyroid surgery to heal hypoparathyroidism.

The reason this happens is because the parathyroid glands are often injured during thyroid removal surgery.

Although the parathyroid glands are small, they are subject to minor injury during surgery, thus causing calcium levels to become low.

Research on PEMF therapy shows promise for helping individuals suffering from low calcium levels, or hypocalcemia.

This article is dedicated to the use of PEMF therapy for understanding how it may heal hypoparathyroidism, and how it may reverse or heal hypocalcemia.

Key Factors on How PEMFs Heal Hypoparathyroidism

PEMFs have been found to heal many types of conditions and diseases, but hypoparathyroidism is a little known variant of these studies.

This is because parathyroid disease is usually secondary to thyroid disease. A majority of cases of hypoparathyroidism occur just following thyroid surgery, or even biopsies of the thyroid nodules.

This is because the parathyroid glands may be bumped, nicked, scratched or cut during these procedures.

This can cause blood calcium levels to decrease.

When these blood calcium levels fall it can become dangerous causing other health conditions, or worse, it can lead to death.

A majority of one’s calcium can be found in the bones, so when calcium levels are reduced the bones begin to lose their calcium.

There are numerous side effects of hypocalcemia including:

  • Muscle spasms
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Seizures
  • Death (when calcium levels are left uncontrolled)

There is no doubt that low calcium levels are problematic on a greater level when they are not dealt with.

It is for this reason that surgeons keep patients overnight after surgery to ensure calcium levels are restored.

How can PEMF therapy can heal hypoparathyroidism?

Thousands upon thousands of studies have proven that PEMF therapy stimulates cellular activity and energy.

Therefore, it is no secret that PEMF therapy may also increase magnesium as well to relax the body.

This means that the side effects of hypoparathyroidism will improve. Muscle spasms, a common reason individuals choose PEMF therapy is another side effect of this disease.

When cellular energy is stimulated, this also means that fatigue will most likely improve or disappear, leaving one feeling rejuvenated.

Furthermore, a deeper look at how PEMFs impact hypoparathyroidism is how it impacts the blood cells.

A study that was conducted on cardiac function using PEMF therapy may answer this question.

PEMFs were shown to increase capillary density. Additionally, the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), was also evident.

This means that the growth of the endothelial cells in the veins improved, which ultimately improved blood flow.

Re-establishing blood flow changes in molecules and cells in the blood can ultimately improve blood calcium levels.

Thus, when PEMFs are used, they have the ability to heal hypoparathyroidism.

It is important to note that PEMFs will also heal other conditions related to low calcium.

These studies conducted on hypocalcemia and hypoparathyroidism also indicate how individuals with MS may benefit from therapy.

It is believed by some doctors that MS may start with low calcium levels, thus the cause of muscle spasms.

Although calcium is absorbed mostly in the bones, it is also absorbed into extraskeletal tissue.

This may also be true of those who experience seizures on a consistent basis. The human body responds to frequencies of 0 to 30 Hz.

Therefore, low-intensity therapy may best heal or improve low calcium levels.

How can you access this therapy?

Heal Hypoparathyroidism at Home

Taking control of your health is important, and there is no better way to do this than to purchase a PEMF device that you can use in your own home.

Naturopathic practitioners may offer this in their practice, but occasional use is generally okay for those who are healthy.

If you or someone you love is in need of healing, it may be beneficial to purchase a PEMF device to use in the comfort of your own home.

If you suffer from the side effects of hypoparathyroidism, you may want to use PEMF therapy daily.

This may mean that you are also healing or preventing  parathyroid tumor.

This condition (parathyroid tumors) is often difficult to diagnose due to the lack of prominent symptoms.

Blood work is the quickest and easiest way to detect hypocalcemia, and is the most standard test following thyroid surgery.

If you or someone you love is seeking a solution to “heal hypoparathyroidism”, begin conducting online research for a PEMF device today.

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