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How PEMFs Have a Therapeutic Effect on Metabolic Processes

How PEMFs Have a Therapeutic Effect on Metabolic Processes

Energy medicine is being studied continuously for its therapeutic effect on metabolic processes.

The electromagnetic fields of the earth have waned over the last 300 years. If we could see the impact that these electromagnetic fields have on our metabolism and cells we would strive daily to get exposure to these fields.

The human body is not getting enough good EMF’s, and this where the degeneration of cells has begun to occur. There are plenty of things you can eat and supplements you can take to help you obtain better health.

What you may not realize is that we are surrounded with poor EMF’s that negatively impact your health. You cannot see them, but they exist.

Additionally, these poor EMF’s can speed up the aging process as well.

Today, this article will share with you more about the future of medicine, and how PEMFs can have a therapeutic effect on metabolic processes.

The Link to the Therapeutic Effect on Metabolic Processes

The body has metabolic processes that work around the clock.

When the cells become damaged, the metabolic process and pathways can become interrupted causing further degeneration of the cells.

Once your cells begin to degenerate it is a recipe for illness and disease.

Nothing could be more therapeutic than the very force that actives cellular energy. This very force is pulsed electromagnetic fields.

PEMF therapy has been shown time and time again to have a therapeutic effect on metabolic processes. How so?

  1. Electromagnetic fields have been proven to stimulate cells. This means that PEMFs give them renewed cellular energy upon stimulation, and healing can begin within seconds.
  2. Studies show that PEMFs impact inflammation pathway markers. This is great news for those who suffer from inflammation and pain. However, it goes further than this. The impact it has on inflammation pathway markers indicates that reducing inflammation and cell damage can be reversed.  Nearly every disease begins with inflammation at the cellular level. One of the most problematic diseases is one that we have discussed recently-thyroid function. Thyroid function is critical for the entire process of metabolism. A study conducted in 2015 for inflammation pathway markers, indicated that inflammation is a highly regulated molecular event. This is amazing in itself, simply because PEMF therapy would be the most well-known therapy to impact the cells and molecules directly. There is no other therapy like it. Once inflammation begins, it is only a matter of seconds before it impacts other cells, proteins, and other processes within the body. Inflammation can slow down metabolism, ultimately proving that damaged cells cause illness, fatigue, and a myriad of other symptoms that come with it. The outcome of the study proved that PEMF therapy is effective for treating post-operative pain as well as for reducing edema or swelling. Researchers also looked closely at how this actually occurs. While more studies are being conducted, it appears that PEMFs can impact gene expression. This plays a tremendous role in how healing occurs, all the way down to the tiny ions within the cells. This is how precursors for opioids are impacted, meaning that if they can be blunted, pain can be reduced and thus the need for pain medications can be better controlled. There is a wealth of information on metabolic processes and the various ways in which the body uses them.

There are numerous areas in which PEMFs are being studied, but understanding how these electromagnetic fields have a therapeutic effect on metabolism is the key to understanding healing that continues.

An individual may use PEMF therapy after surgery and begin to feel less pain and experience less swelling. However, if they fail to continue use, the symptoms are likely to return.

Consistent use of this therapy may well give an individual what they need, especially in a world where we are bombarded with bad EMFs.

This means it would be wise to stay away from microwaves, wireless internet, and cellular phones except for when we need them.

The natural electromagnetic fields of the earth are replicated with PEMF devices, helping to restore balance to the mind and body, and healing quickly begins.

What must you do to get this therapy for use inside your home?

PEMF Devices Have a Therapeutic Effect on Metabolic Processes

In order for the metabolic processes in your body to function as they should, you’ll need to utilize a PEMF device in the comfort of your own home.

Using a PEMF device can help you keep your cells healthy and renewed by cleaning the body of electrosmog. This is all brought on with the use of cellular phones, wireless internet, and excessive use of microwaves.

Exposure to radiation can be damaging to the body on a deeper level, and PEMF devices are helpful in ridding the body of the poor EMFs.

There are numerous PEMF devices on the market today, so it is wise to do your own online research before you make a final purchase.

What are your specific health needs? What is your lifestyle like? These questions are important to answer, as well as how to meet your budget when making your purchase.

Healthy metabolic processes are important for good cellular health and good overall health. PEMF devices can have a strong” therapeutic effect on metabolic processes”, and could mean a longer life for you and your family.

therapeutic effect on metabolic processes

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