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Treating Thyroid Nodules with PEMF Therapy

Treating Thyroid Nodules with PEMF Therapy

When discussing thyroid function, it is important to discuss treating thyroid nodules as well.

The previous article gave you a general overview of the primary function of the thyroid gland, and what causes it to function properly.

Using PEMF therapy for thyroid function can bring balance to the hormone product whether it is under-active or over-active.

Today, this article will discuss using PEMF therapy for treating thyroid nodules. Additionally, you’ll learn how you can apply this therapy directly, and why it works well as a complementary therapy to conventional medicine.

Why Treating Thyroid Nodules with a PEMF Device Could Help

Ultrasound is often conducted on the thyroid gland to track the production of thyroid hormones and their behavior.

The function of these hormones is an important part of learning more about helping one overcome thyroid disease and what nodules on the thyroid are emitting.

Nodules and tumors often secrete hormones of their own. This can result in a dramatic increase in the size of these growths, but those hormones can negatively impact the body in other ways.

This is why synthetic hormone treatment is often utilized in treating thyroid nodules. Nodules do not necessarily indicate negative impact, but it can.

How does direct application of a PEMF device impact thyroid nodules?

  1. The gentle electromagnetic pulses impact cellular behavior. This can mean a few different things as it relates to nodules on the thyroid. The most important factor for nodules here is bringing the cells back into balance. Cells that have been damaged may be repaired through the use of a PEMF device. Additionally, cellular energy is stimulated giving the cells energy to work again. This can reduce inflammation and stimulate the production of ATP or adenosine triphosphate. ATP is the secret ingredient for hormones, bringing them back into balance as cells heal.
  2. PEMFs reduce inflammation and swelling. When nodules form, they can become hard and begin to quickly multiply. When they multiply rapidly this indicates a deeper issue like thyroid cancer. Although prevalence of thyroid cancer is low around 5%, it can still occur. This is why finding a way to counteract the nodules is important. These nodules most likely form due to the overproduction of thyroid hormone. The sooner PEMFs can be applied the greater the chance of reducing the size of the nodules. This means less discomfort and a reduced risk of the nodules turning into cancer.
  3. Using PEMFs can reduce the need for hormone replacement. Did you know that the consistent use of PEMF therapy can balance the hormone production, thus reducing the need for thyroid hormone replacement? The uptake of thyroid hormone has been shown to improve with consistent use of PEMF therapy. This means that the need for synthetic hormone can be reduced. This is primarily evident in those who suffer from hypothyroidism, or an under-active thyroid. Research conducted in 1996 shared some interesting information regarding thyroid hormones and how they react to PEMFs. We’ll discuss the study below.

An independent study conducted in 1996, on the use of PEMFs for treating thyroid nodules yielded some positive and interesting results.

The study proved that thyroid hormones act as neurotransmitters, thus proving further just how vital the thyroid gland is to life.

The production of chemicals throughout the body, including the brain, has a tremendous impact on how the body functions as a whole. This is especially true for the endocrine glands.

Additionally, another study was conducted in 2016 with the intention of showing how PEMF therapy can impact those with thyroid cancer cells and other types of cancer.

The outcome was that pathways were corrected where thyroid hormone was concerned. This means that where thyroid nodules indicate an imbalance or disruption in pathways where signals for pain, protein synthesis or other activities were malfunctioning, they were brought back into balance.

While the study was not just focused on thyroid cancer but all types of cancer, it was determined that PEMF therapy is safe and could only benefit someone with cancer.

How is that for using PEMF therapy as a complementary therapy for conventional medicine?


Start Treating Thyroid Nodules with PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy is NOT a cure for any illness or disease.

Numerous studies have shown that PEMF therapy can be effective when used consistently and applied properly. The same may be true for you if you choose to use PEMF therapy for thyroid nodules.

There are numerous studies online that you can research regarding the use of PEMFs on thyroid nodules, as well as for other diseases and conditions.

It is important that you research PEMF devices before you make a final decision. PEMF devices come in many shapes and sizes, and they also fit nearly any budget.

Make sure that you find something that fits your budget and your lifestyle.

If you have been frustrated in finding answers for “treating thyroid nodules”, conduct your own online research regarding how to use PEMF therapy for a natural option that could impact your life dramatically.

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