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PEMF Therapy and Peak Performance in Athletes

PEMF Therapy and Peak Performance in Athletes

The month of March is focusing on PEMF therapy and peak performance in athletes along with other topics.

With spring upon us, training for warmer weather sports is a hot topic.

The Winter Olympics just ended, so it leaves peak performance fresh in our minds.

Could you be that dedicated to strict diet, rules, and training that those athletes live by?

Staying healthy and gaining strength are all important, but reaching their full potential and achieving peak performance is also important to Olympians.

Today, this article will share some research and trials that are focused on PEMF therapy and peak performance for professional athletes and other celebrities that will not go without their PEMF therapy.

What We Know About PEMF Therapy and Peak Performance

There is a general notion that PEMF therapy increases energy and may renew energy.

This has been a constant theme among researchers and those who have given this revolutionary therapy a try for chronic conditions that may cause fatigue.

Chronic conditions get a lot of attention, but it can give a healthy boost of energy to anyone who struggles with fatigue.

Athletes have been seeking PEMF devices to aid in enhancing their performance.

This is true for a few reasons:

  1. PEMF therapy is beneficial for renewing energy (as we learned above).
  2. PEMF therapy is beneficial for improving the condition of the muscles and joints.
  3. PEMF therapy is beneficial for improving the condition of tissues and blood flow.
  4. PEMF therapy has been highly regarded as a natural method of improving mental clarity.

All of the points listed above can help athletes reach their peak performance.

Energy is obviously an important point here, but the condition of the muscles and joints is as well. PEMF therapy and peak performance go hand-in-hand.

When your muscles are in their best condition, peak performance is easier to achieve.

Good muscle condition also means that you are less likely to get injured.

The body naturally responds to electromagnetic fields, and the gentle pulses encourage good overall health for the immune system and the muscles, joints, and tissues.

The more improved an athlete’s body is for training, the more improved their performance will be as well.

Can you imagine living with less pain and injury?

This is something that athletes think about all the time.

There are many world-class athletes and Olympians that benefit from using PEMF devices on a regular basis as part of their training and recovery.

This is mainly because:

  1. Energy production is enhanced with PEMF therapy. Cells are primed and will increase in energy with the use of PEMF therapy.
  2. PEMF therapy has been shown to prevent cellular breakdown. This is evident in the stimulation of heat shock proteins that work as a catalyst in helping other proteins perform better.
  3. Oxygenation of the blood and tissues is promoted with the use of PEMF therapy. This is most notable when discussing the role it plays for those with chronic diseases, but it also means improved performance and endurance.
  4. Muscle soreness is reduced with proper flow of lactic acid, rather than it being locked up inside the cells.

There are numerous reason that PEMF therapy and peak performance work together.

The professional athletes that have used this therapy know this but the benefits are also noted for those who work in demanding professional careers.

Muscle recovery, reducing muscle spasms, and quick healing of tissues and joints makes PEMF therapy a must-have for the athlete.

Here is a short list of professional athletes that use PEMF therapy:

  • Carlos Palomino, Boxer-Former Lightweight Champion
  • Terrell Owens, Wide Receiver
  • Garrison Hearst, Running Back NFL
  • Brendan Hansen, U.S. Swim Team and Olympic Gold Medalist

How can these athletes benefit from more localized therapy?

PEMF Therapy and Peak Performance Achieved with Localized Therapy

One of the most popular PEMF devices today is the mat.

Many companies who sell PEMF devices recognize that full-body therapy is the best approach for overall wellness and reduced chronic pain.

However, athletes often have a need for more localized therapy.

This is because a pitcher on the baseball team may suffer from tendinitis in the elbow or shoulder.

A runner may suffer from tendinitis in the foot and ankle, or they may suffer from pain in the hips and knees as well.

One of the most requested devices is the PEMF therapy ring. It’s easy to place over the shoulders, wrists, knees, and ankles.

Those who suffer from carpal tunnel, osteoarthritis or tendinitis may benefit tremendously from a PEMF ring.

There are many PEMF devices available today from a wide variety of manufacturers.

What is right for you? You will want to spend some time to research these devices and what manufacturers have to offer.

The ease of use, comfort level, customer service, and budget will all play a role in you making your final decision.

If you are an athlete, you may use a different checklist to make your final decision on a PEMF device. What hurts the most?

“PEMF therapy and peak performance” are now the two most important topics today for the athlete, in addition to who wins!

PEMF therapy and peak performance

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