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The PEMF Secret to Healing Traumatic Brain Injury

The PEMF Secret to Healing Traumatic Brain Injury

Research in PEMF therapy suggests that healing traumatic brain injury is possible.

Although there is still much research to be done, studies indicate PEMF therapy holds the secret to unlocking positive outcomes for those suffering from TBI.

What is the secret?

This article will discuss the growth in TBI cases, as well as the treatment options, and why PEMF therapy could be the best way to begin healing traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Healing Traumatic Brain Injury Naturally

As cases rise in TBI, it seems that the funds dedicated to researching this condition should also rise.

However, this isn’t the case.

The increase in the number of cases of TBI is believed to be associated with many soldier’s returning home from war over the last 10 years.

Athletes, soldiers, and certain professions run a higher risk of TBI than others.

What you probably didn’t know is what determines whether or not someone can heal after TBI.

A study conducted on PEMF therapy for healing traumatic brain injury in rats gives us a clue as to how this healing can take place.

There is a pro-inflammatory cytokine that is released when TBI occurs.

This cytokine is a protein that plays the role of signaling cells to perform their tasks.

These tasks include:

  1. Fighting illness.
  2. Ridding the cell of its waste.
  3. Renewing itself.

When the cells are unhealthy they are unable to perform these tasks.

When interleukin, the pro-inflammatory cytokine produces more inflammation, it is then a priority that inflammation is reduced.

How can inflammation be reduced?

PEMF therapy, or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can reduce inflammation naturally.

The study in rats used a frequency of 2Hz for a period of 5 minutes, every 20 minutes for 6 hours.

The outcome for this study showed that the pro-inflammatory cytokine was reduced to ten times what it was to signal reducing inflammation.

The best part of this is that the consistent use of PEMF therapy was able to suppress levels of interleukin.

This is the key to keeping inflammation down, and ultimately it means that swelling inside the brain would be unlikely.

Every case of TBI is unique, thus, there will be unique methods when using PEMF therapy depending upon the reason you wish to use this therapy.

It’s important that you view how you use PEMF therapy in light of research you find online.

It certainly has shown that it is effective, and that is what people are generally looking for before they purchase a PEMF device.

The more research you can read about PEMF therapy the more you will learn.

You can be encouraged that its effectiveness was proven long ago, in that the FDA approved this therapy in the United States.

The outcome of that approval is sadly, that it is rarely used.

Conventional medicine generally attempts to treat TBI with diuretics, and in some cases surgery to relieve fluid on the brain.

It would seem that conventional medicine is just addressing the symptoms rather than researching healing traumatic brain injury at the root of promotes those symptoms.

What does this mean for those who have been diagnosed with TBI?

The earlier PEMF therapy is utilized the better the outcome.

However, experts in energy medicine agree that it could certainly improve one’s quality of life.

The key here in this study, is that reducing the amount of interleukin, and keeping it suppressed is what reduces inflammation significantly in the brain.

This is where healing begins.

Start Healing Traumatic Brain Injury with PEMF Therapy

It is difficult to guess at how PEMF therapy will be for you or for your loved ones. Everyone will respond to this therapy different.

Additionally, it is up to the individual to use a PEMF device as advised.

Reading research online is beneficial for learning how to use these devices and heal from inflammation in the body.

The FDA approved the use of PEMF therapy for the treatment of brain cancer in 2011.

Why not work on an approval for the use of this revolutionary therapy for the treatment of TBI?

European countries have conducted thousands upon thousands of scientific studies, but the United States is just now beginning to see a large number of individuals embracing this therapy.

More research is under way in the United States using PEMF therapy for various ailments.

The hope is that it will shine a light on the secret to “healing traumatic brain injury” for those who long for a more normal life.

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