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Why PEMF Therapy is Vital for the Pineal Gland

Why PEMF Therapy is Vital for the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland was the last gland to be discovered but PEMF therapy is vital for the pineal gland for many reasons.

As part of the endocrine system, it is amazing that most individuals have no idea what this gland is for or how it functions.

Located deep in the center of the brain, it is no surprise that this gland was so difficult to find.

Small in size, this gland has the power to control our circadian rhythm or sleep cycle.

This is important but there is much more to this gland than the ability to sleep.

Managing reproductive organs is also an important role of this gland, but there are still many more functions that this gland has, and it still remains mysterious for those who may have never seen an endocrinologist or have had problems with their glands.

Most importantly, it is imperative to learn the role that PEMF therapy can play for the pineal gland and how it could improve life for those with multiple sclerosis as well as those who are quadriplegic.

That’s right, these two types of patients have something in common, and it relates to this gland.

Today’s article is dedicated to understanding the role of the pineal gland and how it impacts the function of the body, as well as why PEMF therapy is vital for the pineal gland.

Please note, that this article is not intended to offer medical advice, but can give you valuable information and feedback from studies and other research that have been conducted in regards to the effects of PEMF therapy on the body, as well as glands, muscles, tissues, nerves, and much more.

PEMF Therapy is Vital for the Pineal Gland Due to Stimulation

If there is ANY question as to whether or not PEMF therapy can actually stimulate nerves, tissues, or even glands, here is a statement from a medical doctor, K. Holden M.D.

“The Body contains multiple electromagnetic fields with each tissue and organ having a unique electromagnetic signature, CAT scans and MRI take advantage of these unique signatures to create a map of the body’s tissues using pulsed electromagnetic fields.While the diagnostic benefits of PEMF’s are accepted and widely used,medical practitioners are still realizing the theraputic benefits of PEMF’s” K Holden:M.D”

This shares the evidence that electromagnetic fields already exist within the body, and within the tissues and organs.

The science behind the CT scan as well as the MRI is based upon these same pulsed electromagnetic fields.

This is great news and it is reassuring for those who are still researching the benefits of PEMF therapy overall.

The question that most people ask is, “Is it possible for an organ, tissue, or even a gland to experience healing without a hand or other instrument ever touching it?”

The answer is yes, based upon the thousands upon thousands of case studies and medical trials on PEMF therapy that have been completed in Europe alone.

The Earth itself moves with energy and produces its very own electromagnetic fields.

These electromagnetic fields are what help the body align with nature, including your sleep cycle and the natural rhythms of blood flow in the body.

Diseases and conditions are the direct results of an imbalance in the body. Dangerous radiation and harmful EMF’s are what sever the connection between the human body and the natural electromagnetic fields of the Earth.

The studies and research on PEMF therapy show that this therapy can bring balance back to the human body, and over time alleviate the stressors as well as the imbalances that cause illness, chronic pain, and other ailments.

The pineal gland is no different, and this gland is a vital gland to the operation of the human body overall.

Here are some basic facts that we know about the pineal gland and how it functions.

  • Production of the hormone known as melatonin, which promotes a healthy sleep cycle as well as wakefulness and relaxation
  • It is stimulated by light
  • Aids in reproduction because it promotes the proper development of the ovaries and the testes

This gland is still shrouded in mystery somewhat, as there is no one main purpose tied to this gland. However, it seems pretty clear that PEMF therapy is vital for the pineal gland to function properly when challenges with sleep are present, as well as challenges with reproduction.

Additionally, those who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and those who are quadriplegics also have something in common.

Those with MS and those who are quadriplegics experience dysfunction of the pineal gland. (This is NOT the case with paraplegics).

Calcification of the pineal gland is present in those with many MS patients, and the immune system appears to be compromised in those with MS as well as those who are quadriplegics.

While there are many who suffer from depression along with their MS or debilitating condition, it is important to note that the overall function of the pineal gland as we know it would obviously assist in a healthier body.

When the immunochemistry of an individual is compromised they may experience frequent illness.

What should an individual expect when they use PEMF therapy?

PEMF Therapy is Vital for the Pineal Gland and You Can Use it at Home

When PEMF therapy was initially accepted in the United States the devices were thousands upon thousands of dollars, making it impossible for anyone to get access to this therapy unless they were able to get therapy in their doctor’s office.

Since the late 90’s, PEMF therapy devices have continued to evolve, making them more affordable and easy to use.

Rather than using bulky or heavy machinery, these devices are now designed like yoga mats, rings, or even pillows to ensure that they can be used in the comfort of your own home.

The affordability factor remained an issue until PEMF Supply opened their doors in 2016.

Negotiating a better price for devices at that time, made it possible for a lower price for the consumer.

Now thousands have been able to access affordable PEMF therapy and use it in the comfort of their own home, and many have reported that their lives are changing for the better.

The reports continue to come in about better sleep as well as reduced pain, inflammation, and regaining feeling in their feet after diabetic nerve damage.

There are many diseases and conditions that have improved with the use of PEMF therapy, and you could experience the same relief should you choose to give this therapy a try.

If you would like to learn more about how PEMF therapy can improve the function of nerves, blood vessels, tissues, muscles, and more, you can visit today.

You’ll learn why PEMF therapy is vital for the pineal gland, and how it can impact your overall health in the years to come.

pemf therapy is vital for the pineal gland

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