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A Journey with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

A Journey with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Did you know that PEMF therapy can provide relief to those suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Although there is little known about this pain syndrome it is a very real thing for patients.

This form of chronic pain is unique from other chronic pain syndromes, in that it only affects the arm or leg.

Although doctors are not entirely sure what causes this syndrome, one woman who decided to try PEMF therapy discovered that it helped to improve her quality of life.

Today, we’ll share “Susan’s” story about her journey with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), and what she discovered to be true about PEMF therapy.

What is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Pain is everywhere, and it affects many people.  

While some causes of pain are known, there are some that seem to lack a clear cut cause. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is one of those conditions.

This syndrome is defined as the following:

A form of chronic pain that usually affects an arm or a leg.”

One woman, we’ll call “Susan”, who was diagnosed with CRPS chose to purchase a PEMF therapy mat.

The reason she chose to purchase a full-body mat had to do with her long journey of guessing games by doctors.

It all started 20 years ago when she was discussing her pain with her primary care physician.

At the time, the only obvious cause for her pain was arthritis.

The pain worsened and seemed to be more widespread over the years.

She was told to see a rheumatologist, who then sent her to an orthopedic, who then sent her back to the rheumatologist, neurologist, and the cycle continued.

It was discouraging and brought on a spell of depression.

Once the diagnosis of “Clinical Depression” was given, she was given a prescription for Effexor, a drug used to treat depression and nerve pain.

Within weeks, Susan felt better and the pain was gone. She was thrilled.

Fast forward to 2008 when she was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease. Even on the medication, it seemed it was no longer effective for her pain.

She fought to quit taking the medication, and decided to embark on an exercise program.

It was not long until she was doing Pilates three times a week that she continued to improve with mood, but her pain was getting worse.

Regardless of the exercise, her weight kept going up. Susan found it difficult to wake up in the morning, feeling as though she had not slept in days.

Due to complications with her enlarged thyroid, surgery was scheduled much to her chagrin.

She discovered in the coming months that her pain would get worse, as did her weight.

After about a year of suffering, and seeing rheumatologists who told her it was fibromyalgia, she met a neurologist who threw it all out the window.

He diagnosed her with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

Although her pain was widespread, the worst pain was in her legs.

Pain from the hips down, waking her up every few hours at night was bothersome.

As you can imagine, her sleep was suffering, leaving her exhausted all of the time.

It was in October of 2016 that Susan purchased her PEMF therapy package, and began using the a PEMF Therapy mat every morning and evening for ten minutes.

When the pain in her legs woke her up, she tried using the a PEMF Therapy ring around her knees and even her quadriceps to calm the nerves.

Over the course of a few months, her pain would wake her less.

Susan began to research the use of PEMF therapy for many things, including getting better sleep.

She began to use her mat in the evening just before bed time at 3 Hz for 5 minutes.

She discovered that she not only fell asleep faster, but she was able to stay asleep.

What is the mystery of the PEMF therapy that changed everything for Susan?

It all goes back to the basic foundation of understanding how PEMF’s heal down to the cellular level.

PEMF’s stimulate cells, ions, molecules, nerves, and more.

It is this healing and stimulation that causes blood cells to be repaired, and healthy cells become stronger that inflammation is reduced.

Blood flow to injured areas aids in reducing the inflammation and swelling, bringing comfort to the muscles and joints.

Over the course of a few more months (about 4 months using the mat daily 2x per day), Susan realized that she was no longer using her anxiety medication.

Her life was changing over time, but she was so grateful to have found this miraculous therapy.

Susan had sought the help of chiropractors, massage therapists, and many other practitioners, but the ability to heal at the root cause of the problem made the difference.

This is where a holistic approach is unique. Using holistic modalities is a means to treat the entire person.

Conventional medicine was only treating the symptoms.

Pain medications are now given more cautiously, but the problem still remains the same.

Cellular damage is at the root of nearly every form of inflammation.

Have you been diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, only to be told that there is no way to help you?

Perhaps like Susan, you can try this revolutionary therapy and have your own testimonial to share with others about your quality of life.

Win Over Complex Regional Pain Syndrome with PEMF Therapy

Today, Susan still uses her PEMF Therapy mat every day, twice a day.

She discovered that using it daily, twice a day gave her the best results. Susan was so encouraged by this that she began using her mat for other things like stomachaches.

One day while playing with her daughter she was having stomach pain. She stopped and grabbed a smaller pad and laid it over her stomach.

Running the pad, at 8Hz, and for 15 minutes, and within 10 minutes the pain was gone.

There are so many things that you’ll discover when using PEMF therapy, but giving it a fair trial is the only way that you’ll be able to experience these benefits.

Like Susan, you should do some research online in your free time, and read about those who have tried using a PEMF device to win the battle over pain, poor circulation, insomnia, depression, and so much more.

If you have been diagnosed with “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome”, and you live with the same frustration that Susan did for so man years, try PEMF therapy and watch how your life improves.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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